Happy Holidays from Liv & Aj!!

About us

Did you know Black buying power equals to $1.2 trillion annually but very little of that money returns back to Black businesses? And it doesn’t stay in our communities very long. Liv & Aj is a marketplace for black owned businesses who specialize in all-natural, vegan, organic and socially/culturally conscious products. My goal is to give these companies another platform and to help grow and plant seeds in the Black community. I started Liv & Aj because I had a desire to support black owned businesses, I chose natural, and conscious companies because they align with my mission to cultivate community, wellness and health. I think more of us would shop black owned if it were easily accessible, we literally make so many products and I’ve made it my goal to connect you with high quality, toxic free, and socially conscious brands, and maintain that connection. It’s not just about selling the products it’s about highlighting black owned holistic companies and artisans so that they can continue to grow and become household names. I hope you join me on this journey. I appreciate you for shopping with me and in turn supporting the many black owned companies I work with.

A note from the Creator:

“Liv & Aj is important to me. I was born and raised in Dover, Delaware in a family of hard workers and entrepreneurs. I am a single mother of a son, and I am a store manager at a local furniture store. 2020 was a year of violence, a pandemic, mental health issues and when I began to feel helpless, I decided I was strong and that I had to be the change I wanted to see. I read and I shopped black owned more than ever before, I started a holistic journey of meditation and yoga and became at peace with myself. Of course I still have those days when I feel angry and hurt, police brutality, the threat of civil unrest and Covid-19 will do that to you. But I decided that I would be light and peace to those around me, be more uplifting and motivational and use my mind and my platform to unite and help heal my community. I believe love and being unified first will build my black community to the glory it is meant to be. Liv & Aj has a Delaware directory of black owned businesses from electricians to Attorneys and I will have a monthly spotlight on one Company/Artisan that Liv & Aj does business with. There’s more to come and I can’t thank you enough for the love, encouragement and support my family and friends and the black owned companies I have aligned with have given me. Remember to drink water, meditate and stretch. I love you! “

Alysha Jackson